Mr. Antonio McKoy, President, CEO and Founder of Le Antonio’s Foundation

About End Bullying Globally

End Bullying Globally is an initiative by Le Antonio’s Foundation, which is a Jamaican registered charitable organization established in December 2013 with Registration Number: CA100-258C. The foundation was founded by Mr. Antonio McKoy.

End Bullying Globally initiative began to eradicate the evil of bullying from the society of Jamaica. The main objective of this initiative is to form an educational and professional network to highlight the effects of bullying, and create structures of intervention, counseling and prevention mechanisms to support the youths that are affected by this.

We are not funded by the government. We depend on sponsorship, partnership, and volunteers to run our programs.

Programs Of End Bullying Globally Project

Anti-Bullying School Campaigns

Anti-Bullying Forums

Anti-Bullying Support Groups

Bullying Victim Support

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Message From Our Sponsors, Partners & Well-Wishers


“Bullying is a serious global epidemic that we often ignore. It affects the lives of our children in so many ways and we see that reflected in the increasing violence in Jamaica. It is truly admirable, the sacrifice and time that Antonio McKoy has put towards this effort. His Homework Center started out as a personal journey and has flourished into a cause for change. I strongly support any platforms that are spreading awareness of this topic that fights to end bullying. This is why myself and Hanover Charities are committed to supporting the “End Bullying Globally” campaign. We hope to see a shift in schools, homes and lives of our youth, one that will foster a nurturing environment for their mental, emotional and social development and ultimately the greater development of our nation – Jamaica Land We Love”.

Katrin Schafelner Casserly

Chair – Hanover Charities


“Bullying is very pervasive, not just in Jamaica, but globally. The effects are far reaching and insidious as it does not only affect the victims but the bullies themselves, as well as bystanders. That is why I am encouraged and inspired that Antonio McKoy of Le Antonio‘s Foundation has started the “End Bullying Globally” campaign. Some of the goals of the campaign are: to create a safe and supportive environment for ALL students; to train and support teachers and other school staff in nonviolent methods of discipline; and training of community stakeholders such as police officers and security personnel in dealing with victims and bullies not just in the moment, but long-term as well. It is an honor to partner with the End Bullying Globally campaign to help achieve those goals”.

Dr. Julian Walters

Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychiatrist

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