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Abusive parents fuel bully rage – Pryce

Published in jamaica-gleaner.com The so-called ‘rough and tough’ upbringing, which is a way of life in Jamaica, is said to be hurting the mentality of the nation’s children, especially boys, who grow up to be potentially abused or abusive. “Boys are suppose to be rough and tough and we play hard, and when we get […]

End Bullying Globally A Better Way – You Can’t Chase Me If I Don’t Run – by Nadine Barrett

Most times the persons that are being bullied feels like there is no way out of this situation. But the longer you allow yourselves to believe that, the longer these bullies will have power over you. It is time to take back that power! Unless you are willing to do that then you will forever […]

Peter Lloyd named ‘Anti-Bullying’ Ambassador

Published in jamaica-gleaner.com International recording artiste Peter Lloyd has been installed as the newest ambassador for the Le Antonio’s Foundation’s End Bullying Globally initiative, which has a mandate to curb school bullying as well as violence among youths. Lloyd officially joined the campaign at the start of the new school year and has stated that […]

Is It Possible For a Teacher to Be a Bully?

A teacher is someone who is enthusiastic about their profession and delights in sharing what they have learnt to their students. Teachers are persons of great influence in the lives of the children they are responsible for teaching. They help to lay a solid education and social foundation in our children’s lives from the begin […]

What Parents Should Be Aware of : END BULLYING GLOBALLY

At times parents can become engulfed in themselves, their troubles, their work and their lives in general, they loose focus of their own child/children’s need. Some parents are so involved in other people’s interests they don’t even realize that their own child is suffering. My question to parents out there is, “how close (parental bonding) […]

End Bullying Campaign Goes to Hanover

Montego Bay, Jamaica based Le Antonio’s Foundation – End Bullying Globally Campaign – has extended its perimeters to the parish of Hanover. Our End Bullying Campaign team was invited to campaign in the public schools of Hanover – west Jamaica – by Mrs. Katrin Casserly, Chairman of the Hanover Charities, a supporter and donor to […]

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