End Bullying Globally A Better Way – You Can’t Chase Me If I Don’t Run – by Nadine Barrett

Most times the persons that are being bullied feels like there is no way out of this situation. But the longer you allow yourselves to believe that, the longer these bullies will have power over you. It is time to take back that power! Unless you are willing to do that then you will forever be the victim.

The ability is within every individual to STAND UP and SPEAK UP for themselves and against injustice.Victims need to move away from the mindset that they are inferior, or that these bullies are in anyway superior to them. The mind is a powerful tool, so everyone should create within themselves the mindset of power and might. By so doing no one will be able to exert unnecessary power or influence over another.

I read an article earlier this year and it has resonated with me. The topic was YOU CAN’T CHASE ME IF I DON’T RUN. A child was being chased by another child whenever he saw her. She would complain to her mom about what was happening, the mother’s response was “don’t run. He can’t chase you if you don’t run”. So a person can only be bullied when they allow themselves to be. Stand up, speak up and SAY NO to bullying. As long as you are not running no one can chase you.

The sooner you realize that there is another or a better way and are willing to stand up and not run, then bullying will stop because the person who is chasing you will eventually stop as soon as they realize that you are no longer running. As long as you are willing to stand up and speak up the bullying will stop. It might not be immediate but eventually it will.

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