Is It Possible For a Teacher to Be a Bully?

A teacher is someone who is enthusiastic about their profession and delights in sharing what they have learnt to their students. Teachers are persons of great influence in the lives of the children they are responsible for teaching. They help to lay a solid education and social foundation in our children’s lives from the begin of a child’s school years. Teachers are people that students look to both for direction and guidance in many different ways and on many different topics.

With such a high standing in the office of a teacher, I am here to ask every teacher reading this a few deep, heart-searching questions. If you cant be honest with your students in your answers, at least be honest with conscience.

Do you as a teacher do any of the following:

Call your students inappropriate names?
Push or slap the children under your care?
Do you insult the children under your care, both in public or in the presence of others?
Do you belittle them?
Do you treat one child better than another?
Do you fail a child/children in your class because you don’t like them?
Do you punish your student physically or mentally?

The list is much longer than this one, but if you answer yes to any of the above, or if in any way you have demonstrated the behavior of a bully towards a child/children. I would like to remind you that it is abusive to do so, and Jamaica has laws that protect our children from abuse, you should revisit the reason why you became a teacher or a coach, and if you cannot abide by the natural and moral laws of not harming a child, you should change your profession.

Many teachers out there take their private problems to the classrooms. They are unhappy at home and innocent children pay the price for their poor home life problems. If you are one of who practice the behavior of bullying children, you need assistance in managing your life and, unfortunately, the classroom is not the place for you to seek assistance, seriously think about the life of the child that you could damage. If you would like to use the opportunity of your teaching career to benefit a child, but you are struggling with areas of bullying, please contact Le Antonio’s Foundation – we will confidently refer you to the right assistance, but please do not continue to be the nightmares of innocent victims.

Remember, bullying is a criminal offence. Please, for the sake of the youths….take a comprehensive inventory of your actions and the effect you have on the lives of the young person that you teach or coach. If the children’s behavior is having a negative impact on how you view them or treat them, contact us (Le Antonio’s Foundation) at 1 876 353 1389 we can help.

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