What Parents Should Be Aware of : END BULLYING GLOBALLY

At times parents can become engulfed in themselves, their troubles, their work and their lives in general, they loose focus of their own child/children’s need. Some parents are so involved in other people’s interests they don’t even realize that their own child is suffering. My question to parents out there is, “how close (parental bonding) are you with your child?” It is one thing to be a mother/father, it’s another thing to be a parent. Do you as a parent love your child enough to have that closeness with them? Do you spend valued time to hear how they are feeling? Are you aware of their emotional needs or do you leave this for teachers at school to take care of?

What you as a parent/s should be aware of it that you need to establish emotional closeness with your child/children so that they can open up and share their most sensitive thoughts with you. At times the thoughts may not be the very big one, but as a parent you should be a good listener. When you can listen to what your child is saying to you, it may surprise you how much is happening with them, that at times needs only that moment between you and them to know what is going on in their “world”.

Be a good listener, take time out to converse with your children and ensure them that you are listening to what they are saying to you; your child should know that they are important to you. At times a child is being bullied and only good listening will reveal the underlining problem. Some children who are victims of bullying get so isolated in their own world, all they need is a listening ear. Don’t think that because your child’s eating habits has changed, they have become isolated, starts to wet their bed, and even begin to be isolated its all a part of growing up, other factors may be responsible for this change.

Your child should know that you not only say that you love them, but they should feel the love. Let them know you trust them, talk with them about the topic of bullying, let them know its a criminal offense, and tell them to always to tell you if at any point they feel they are being bullied. Your child should be told its not his fault they are being bullied. As a parent you have the responsibility of teaching your child all you can about the topic of bullying. Its your responsibility as a parent that they understand it.

On the other hand, may I ask, are you as a parent – a “bully” in the home? Some parents are bullies and they don’t even realize it. Children live what they learn. That is why I support Le Antonio’s Foundation End Bullying Globally Initiatives in educating and enlightening everyone on the topic. As a result of childhood or present hardship some parents lack the social and psychological faculty to handle conflicts without violence and regrettably their children become the victims of their bullying behavior. If you as a parent is a bully or is bullying your child and you were not aware of it, there is hope for you to change this behavior, so that your child can be emancipated from the hurt and hardship you experience – it is in your power to break the life cycle of bullying. If you don’t you run the risk of having a legacy of generational bullies, and a family tree of violence, crime and failed dreams.

What Will Your Legacy Be?

Think about it, if you beat your child consistently – they WILL get frustrated and become “hitters” – they can’t beat you, so they will beat other children and later beat their spouses and other adults. If you are bullying them with your authority and calling them harmful names and isolating them, you should consider seeking urgent help, call Le Antonio’s Foundation at 876- 353- 1389, we can help you. Its never too late to seek help but it could be too late when you loose custody of your child or loose their respect and love for you because of your action. Bullying is abusive, take care of them and never abuse them; as life has it, some mistakes are not easily corrected, they are the future. You will get old and need them, think about the seed that you are sowing – and reap happy, healthy children, who become intelligent, productive, loving, caring, forward acting adults.Think on these words and make a change in the life of the child you love so dearly.

Happy Child – Happy Life – Happy Future – Happy Legacy!

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